Covid-19 Emergency

Action taken to protect your health

To preserve your safety, we have worked together with experts, to adopt all the necessary measures to protect your health. We have implemented high health and safety standards at our Hotel, here are some of the measures taken.


From 1st May 2022 the Green Pass certification is no longer required. The use of the mask indoors is recommended when it is not possible to respect the minimum distance.

What we have done

Sanitization of all areas

Sanitizing operations have been intensified and we have implemented the disinfection in compliance with the indications provided by WHO, in order to make all spaces safe. Since the opening of the Hotel back in 2008, we have implemented a state-of-the-art control system that allows optimal verification of the functioning and efficiency of all areas. They are constantly cleaned and sanitized through the use of recommended products and equipped with high-efficiency filters. To cope with the health emergency and guarantee our customers an even better quality of the systems, specific cleaning and sanitization of the same were performed by aerosolizing high-efficiency disinfectant products. THE DISINFECTANT USED IS CERTIFIED AS A CLASS 2A MEDICAL DEVICE and guarantees a high virucidal activity on surfaces contaminated by air-borne viruses such as Coronavirus,


All staff has been adequately trained on the measures to be taken in compliance with current legislation.

Hygienization points

Dedicated hand sanitizing points are available throughout the hotel with disinfectant gels.

Use of PPE (personal protective equipment)

You will find a sealed mask in the room for each guest, to protect yourself and others. It is mandatory to wear a mask in common areas.

Social distance

All our spaces have been reformulated to ensure the interpersonal distancing of at least one meter, also through the use of special signs.

Service at the table and room service

To ensure high hygiene and safety standards, we will adopt table service only for Bar La Corte22 the Breakfast room. We have also strengthened room service for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Room service can be booked online directly from a dedicated link.

Digitization of the menu

At Restaurant La Torre 22 you can consult the daily menu directly from the online link or by scanning the appropriate QR code that you will find on each table.

Web check-in

To avoid gatherings and reduce the time spent in the reception area, guests will now have the option to do the web check-in.

Adoption of the Emergency plan

We have prepared a safe management plan for cases that present symptoms from Covid-19 which provides for the identification of a suitable place for isolation.


Finally, given the need for flexibility in travel planning during this period, we want our guests to feel protected when booking. We applied flexible cancellation on all our rates. Discover our new rates here.

In our Hotel stay safe!

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