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Cocktail masterclass

How about a bartender course? Or maybe an original aperitif?

If you think you’ve seen it all, ask for a quotation for one of the Cocktails Masterclass courses at Hotel Veronesi La Torre. Who will be the best mixologist? Who will be the best cocktail taster? Surprise yourself in the final challenge with your friends or colleagues.

Who can take part in the event?

Anybody (as long as you’re an adult)! The Masterclass is held by professional mixologists (“Archivio”), but it is intended for amateurs and groups of friends who are looking for a little fun. It’s a diferent way of celebrating an event, or just a fun way of passing the time, knowing that at the end of the course you will have learned something new about the origins of liquors or how to mix a rum cocktail.
And if you embrace the “Better cocktails at home” philosophy, you can repeat at home what you have learned during the Masterclass. Why not invite some friends over, perhaps for an unusual birthday party or maybe an original stag party?
Our experienced mixologists will help you to discover the noble origins of liquors and spirits, the cocktails masterclass is also a great opportunity for team building or an after-meeting group activity – make work a little more fun!

What does the course include?

The duration of the course is about 3 hours, comprising a practical workshop structured as follows:
• Welcome cocktail
• Brief introduction to the history of cocktails
• Description of the utensils, ingredients and techniques
• Cocktail workshop (5/6 cocktails each)
• Final competition

This workshop focuses on conviviality: you will learn the tips and tricks on how to create classic cocktails and how to replicate them at home . The participants will be divided into two groups – “barmans” and “guests” – who will take turns behind the bar and as clients.

Have fun!

Price per person from €55 approx. (subject to a minimum number of participants, min 10 per group).

Credits photo: “Archivio” and Hotel Veronesi La Torre


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