From the very moment you see our hotel you can easily perceive that it is the perfect venue for events, not only for the elegance of the furnishings but also for our commitment to customer satisfaction and to the
great awareness towards the territory and people.

Therefore not only a romantic hotel for a week-end for two, beauty farm or conference centre for business meetings and business trips, but also a place to organize parties, events and exhibitions which involve not only the guests of the hotel but a much wider public as well.

This has led us to the making of theme parties and Seasons being the main theme. The theme party is held at each season and called: Autumn Me, Winter Me, Spring Me, and Summer Me will follow shortly, four evenings with live music, buffet and fun for everyone!

A excellent opportunity to entertain our guests and invite those who do not know us yet, transforming the marvellous court in something else, offering an innovative ‘experience container’ to the territory of Verona.

Consult the Verona Hotel Events section to find out about the next appointments.


Do not miss any of the various events in the Verona Arena during your stay. The Veronesi La Torre Hotel can help you find tickets for these theater and opera concerts in the Arena. It is possible to buy them directly at the reception.

The ancient Roman amphitheater of Verona is of great historical relevance and still hosts numerous events. Built on the early years of the first century, it was later restored by the Renaissance. National and international cultural gatherings, concerts and performances are hosted year-round, but especially in Summer, surrounded by an imposing structure that has kept its main function to this day.

If you visit the city, take the opportunity to go and enjoy the Verona prose and lyrical seasons, Jazz conventions and several other events that just cannot be missed. Our staff is constantly updated on the latest initiatives and will gladly assist you to get any ticket from the comfort of the lobby’s desk.

Furthermore, we offer a shuttle service upon request and based on availability to the events in such awe-inspiring venue. Contact us for more information.


When visiting Verona it means taking an evocative tour between art and history. The city is ancient, it has been a Roman town since 49 BC and it still bears the signs of its past: and thanks to the routes and tourist itineraries it is possible to see the beauty of the city, the art and the numerous hidden treasures. The itineraries are vary and you can choose according to your interest.

You can take a tour and see Verona dating back as far as the Roman period to Shakespeare, visit the ancient part of Verona witness of the Venetian control first and then of the Austrian, and follow a route of history, art and culture, which are interesting as well as memorable.


Main exhibitions in Verona. Verona’s art galleries and exhibition spaces connecting Italian masters and modern art:  Museo di Castel Vecchio, The Galleria d’arte moderna, AMO – Palazzo Forti, The Palazzo della Gran Guardia and many other locations where enjoy the finest art.


Numerous fairs in Verona covering all kinds of subjects await. Events in Verona such as these attract thousands of visitors who flock into the Province every year. The Veronesi La Torre, hotel near the fairs of Verona provides an ideal venue to attend due to its vicinity to the airport and major motorway exits.

Veronafiere is the name of the entity that oversees the planning and logistics of the fairs that are organized near the territory for over 100 years. Some of the most important fairs that take place in Verona are VINITALY, the event of choice when it comes to fine wines and spirits, fairs like MARMOMACC, international exhibit that showcases design trends and technologies for cutting marble and FIERACAVALLI, focused on the fascinating world of horse riding.

Let us not forget about MOTOR BIKE and MODEL EXPO ITALY, dedicated respectively to special and customized motorcycles and everything related to model-building.

We would wish to mention other fairs in Verona that might interest you: the weddings fair of SAYES, LEGNO & EDILIZIA, which relates to the use of wood in construction and ELETTROEXPO, focusing on electronic instruments, computer science and equipment.

You can get more information at the official site or write our hotel staff if you need assistance on the subject.



If you seek an events venue in Verona, the Veronesi La Torre offers a singular setting that will surely turn them into unforgettable experiences. Our refined 4 stars Superior hotel in verona provides a suggestive Italian garden at the front lawn, fine cuisine and ample spaces to host various events: private parties, wedding ceremonies and banquets, corporate gatherings, business meetings and more.

The La Torre22 restaurant will astonish you with its varied menu and stylish take on local delicacies. The “Corte 22” lounge bar on the other hand has been praised by the prestigious culinary guide Gambero Rosso for its creative drinks..

Its advantageous position near the airport and major highway exits make it the perfect events venue in Verona for every occasion you may think of. Furniture devised by some of the world’s greatest designers is only an example of the attention to detail that is put into the 4 stars services that our elegant venue proposes. There is no doubt that events hosted at this distinct hotel will be remembered by your guests.

Contact us if you wish information on prices, layout options and availability for our reception halls.


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