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  Organize the finest bachelorette party in Verona at our premises. Nobody denies that finally finding Prince Charming is the most beautiful thing in the world, but even good things need some time to settle in. Because becoming princess of one’s own fairy tale is more than making a dream come true, it also means to take on a dowry of duties and scatter some of our own levity to the wind. What is the purpose of having bridesmaids if not to be with you during such an important occasion? Get together and celebrate the passage between two different stages of your life. Fairies will guide you during this rite!

Choose to either be shrouded a relaxing magic or treat yourselves to a confectionary delight

amiche in spa

RITE: Which rite do you prefer?

Goodbye Relax Rite, this experience includes:

    • Exclusive reserved access to our Wellness Center, from 21.00 to 23.30.
    • A courtesy Spa Kit (bathrobe and slippers) for all the group members.
    • Buffet Cocktail set-up inside the Wellness Center in order for participants to delight their palate in complete liberty.
    • Free entry for the bride-to-be.

From 55€ per person, min. 10 people.


Goodbye Sweet Rite , this experience includes:

  • Access to our Wellness Center at 16.00.
  • Chocolate-themed dinner at our exclusive Torre22 Restaurant.
  • And a guided tasting session pairing both Wine and Chocolate.

About 100€ per person, min. 10 people.


Team Bride Spa & cocktail, see more on Cocktail Masterclass page.

From 55€ per person, min. 10 people.


P.S.: Wild princesses can also choose one of the remaining rites originally devised for men!



A bachelor party is a symbolic passage rite that consolidates this important change in a man’s life. Because it is inevitable to leave something behind once you cross such threshold. This is why, since time immemorial, princes have gathered their most trusted knights to celebrate the end of an era and welcome the beginning a new adventure. In order for this change to happen painlessly, it is always useful to listen to advice and toast with some magical Elixir at the end. At least, that is what the village elders used to say!

L’ELISIR: which Elixir will you choose for the occasion?

Goodbye with Rum

  • A brief introduction to Rum, its history, its different varieties and distilling processes.
  • A tasting session including 5 different kinds of rum, varying in style and region, paired with 5 exquisite chocolate pralines made by different manufacturers.


Goodbye with Rum&chocolate

  • Introduction to Rum, its history, varieties and production process, all of it supported by a slideshow during the evening.
  • A brief introduction to the technical tasting session.
  • Brief introduction to the many types of cocoa beans.
  • Tasting session of 6 different kinds of rum, varying in style and region, paired with various cocoa beans produced by Modica’s “Donna Elvira” chocolaterie.


Goodbye with Cocktails

  • An introduction to cocktails and its countless secrets as told by a Master Mixologist.
  • Tasting session and workshop of about 2 hours and competition with friends. See more on Cocktail Masterclass


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