Discover Maria Galland beauty treatments for the body and face: anti-cellulite, masks and intensive treatments for the skin. Facial treatments satisfy any beauty necessity ensuring a perfect and radiant skin while if your aim is to lose weight or tone up, then the body products are the right choice providing your skin a sensation of total well-being.

Anti-cellulite products

Why not try the anti-cellulite products Soin Silhouette Sculptant before the beach season? The treatment differentiates in line with the three different stages of cellulite – light, intermediate and advanced. The effective use of peeling consisting in a concentrate of active ingredients, a seaweed mask and an intensive firming body cream ensure harmonious and firmer body contours.

Modelling eye zone mask

Try Maria Galland facial beauty treatments and specifically modelling eye zone mask for a younger and more radiant eye contour. Retinol and mineral ingredients reduce the wrinkles revitalizing the skin. Puffy eyes and dark circles are clearly diminished while signs of stress and tiredness disappear.

Facial treatments for men

Taking care of one’s own body is not only a women’s matter. Our beauty centre provides a series of Maria Galland beauty treatments only for men: intensive face cleansing, nourishing face and eye contour treatment and a specific treatment for an effective and continuous hydration as well as tone and vitality suitable for all skin types.

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