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Wellness Emotions: this wellness treatment package restores beauty and vitality to the organism thanks to the myofascial massage and hydrating/relaxing facial treatment with Maria Galland products.

€ 130,00 per person

The package contains:

1. Myofascial Massage: It is a massage that works deep on the fascia, soft tissue, of the muscle with slow but rhythmic movements: the result of this type of massage is a global feeling of well-being of our organism. It eliminates toxins produced by our muscles and reduces the stress rendering our body more tonic and elastic. Furthermore it has beneficial effects on the posture and stress joints. (50 min.)

2. Hydrating and Relaxing Facial Treatment Maria Galland: Specific facial treatment for Him and Her to restore light and freshness to the sensitive skin of the face. Deep and oxygenating moisturizer which nourishes and regenerates eliminating signs of tiredness and daily stress. (50 min.)


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