Cookie policy for Calzedonia Group websites

This policy must be consulted together with the privacy policy of the Calzedonia Group websites.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that Calzedonia Group websites download to the device you are using to browse. In general, cookies are used to store and convey information. This may be useful both for companies, for example for acquiring information on how users use their websites, and for website users themselves, for example for setting their personal browsing preferences (e.g. language selection).


The Calzedonia policy regarding the use of cookies entails:

Calzedonia uses cookies within its websites mainly for improving the user’s browsing experience. For example: if you have customised a page you’ve visited on our websites and want to maintain its settings on your next visit, this can be done through a cookie. If you are purchasing online and filling the cart but must abandon the session or switch the computer off, on your next visit you will find the same products you left in the cart. This is possible thanks to a cookie. Calzedonia cannot track any of your personal information (e.g. name, surname, e-mail) through cookies unless you provided it directly. Moreover, another website cannot use a cookie set by Calzedonia websites for accessing other information stored on your computer. Once saved on your computer, the cookie can only be read by the website that created it. If you continue reading, you will discover that Calzedonia Group websites use different types of cookies. Some of these are essential for the website’s functionality, others not. In any case, bear in mind that at any time you can set your computer browser to accept all cookies, certain cookies only, or refuse them altogether.

The cookies we use can be classified according to how long they remain on the device you use for browsing, their origin and declared purpose.

Session cookies (or temporary cookies): these are deleted and disappear from the device once you leave the website and close the navigation browser.

Persistent cookies: these remain on your device even after you leave the website, until you delete them or they reach their expiration date. Calzedonia Group websites create cookies of this type and store them on your device so that they can be read when you visit our websites again. In this way, for example, you can maintain your preferences set on the website even on subsequent visits (e.g. wish lists).



First-party cookies: these cookies are set by the website you are visiting; the relevant website corresponds to the address you entered (displayed in the URL window). Third-party cookies: these cookies are set by a different website to the one you are visiting (for example, those used by our commercial partners or by our service providers such as Criteo and Google Analytics).



Strictly necessary or so-called ‘technical’ cookies: these cookies are essential for moving around the website you are visiting and using certain of its functions. Without these cookies, some online services you request (e.g. access to reserved areas, use of shopping baskets, etc.) cannot be provided. We do not collect any personal information through these cookies, thus we are unable to identify you in any way.

Performance cookies: these cookies collect anonymous information and help us to understand how users interact with our websites. For example, they provide information on the most visited pages, the time spent on the website, any error messages, etc. The performance cookies we use only collect aggregate and anonymous information, and are used to improve website performance and enhance your browsing experience. For information on how to delete or manage performance cookies, consult the last section of this page.

Functionality cookies: these cookies allow the website to remember your choices (for example, the font size of the displayed text, selected language, country you are in, etc.) and provide the customised functions you have selected. In some cases, these cookies can also be used to offer online services (e.g. live chat service) or to avoid repeatedly proposing services or messages you have already declined in the past. Our websites set these types of cookies on your device anonymously without enabling us to identify you. For information on how to delete or manage functionality cookies, consult the last section of this page. Bear in mind that if you delete these types of cookies, your selected preferences and/or settings will not be stored for future visits.

Advertising or targeting cookies: advertising cookies are used to collect information on your browsing habits, in order to target relevant advertising messages that best reflect your interests. In other words, we also use them for limiting the number of times you view a certain advert: for us this means communicating more effectively, while you receive less invasive adverts that best reflect your preferences. While you browse Calzedonia Group websites, promotional cookies allow us to know whether you are consulting our adverts and show you the advertising contents we believe you may be interested in, based on what you have viewed previously. In addition, while you browse other websites, these cookies enable us to show you – for promotional purposes – contents you have recently viewed on Calzedonia Group websites. Our websites use advertising cookies exclusively in anonymous form: we offer you targeted advertising but do not know who you are!

The advertising cookies we use are persistent, though they remain on your device for a limited time, and can be first or third-party cookies. For information on how to cancel or refuse advertising cookies, consult the last section of this page.


Do you want to refuse and block cookies?

Most Internet browsers are initially configured for accepting cookies automatically. This means you can at any time choose to set your browser to accept all cookies, certain cookies only or to refuse them, by disabling their use by websites. Moreover, you can normally set your browser preferences to warn you whenever a cookie is downloaded to your computer. Lastly, at the end of each browsing session you can delete any stored cookies from your hard disk. When deleting cookies stored in the cookie folder of the relevant browser, bear in mind that each browser has different procedures for managing the settings.

The links below contain specific instructions for some of the main browsers.

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Apple Safari:

If you do not want to receive cookies from Google Analytics, you can disable them by accessing the following page:

More information on cookies in general can be found at

More information on behavioural advertising and online privacy can be found at

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