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16 August 2021

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10 ideas for romantic and original marriage proposals

10 ideas for romantic and original marriage proposals

Want to amaze your soul mate by asking for her hand but in a way that’s truly original? Here are 10 elegant and romantic love declaration ideas that might be right for you!

You’ve now reached the conclusion that the person you have by your side, the one who makes your heart flutter constantly, is your soul mate. Just thinking about her face moves you and so now you have decided to propose a wedding. You want the whole world to know about your love, and you just can’t wait! But how best to make a marriage proposal that can adequately expresses the emotions you feel? There are so many bizarre and exciting ideas online, moving videos and even some ideas that have gone viral… but you can’t make up your mind, and you don’t want to just follow the current trend for the sheer sake of it. Do you need something unique that can fully represent your idea of love, but you don’t know where to start? Below you will find numerous marriage proposals and creative ideas to be able to better ask that all important question. Be inspired by our list for a romantic and original marriage proposal to start the rest of your life together!

Hotel Veronesi La Torre Matrimoni

In flight!

Of all the original ways to pop the question, the in flight one is undoubtedly one of the most creative. With the options of Hotel Veronesi La Torre you can enjoy a panoramic flight over Verona, one of the most romantic cities in Italy, and enjoy an amazing experience. The package includes a romantic dinner for two in a private room of the La Torre 22 Restaurant, and an overnight stay in the Sweet Tower Suite. You will surely find the perfect time to ask for the hand of the person you love!

At home

Among the many ways to ask to get married, those that involve small daily gestures can assume huge importance. Of course, it depends on the tastes of the person you love… and only you can know what those are! One solution that’s simple but full of impact is to write the question in lipstick (or other washable material) on the mirror you use the most and wait for the moment when your soul mate, completely unaware, goes to check her reflection. Of course, it is always good to be found with the ring ready as soon as she reads the question! The marriage proposal made to Tiziano Ferro, a famous Italian singer, is also very sweet: his partner asked him to marry him by writing it on a coffee cup!

Proposal in a cake

A classic, but certainly effective method is to hide the ring in a cake. Perhaps after a romantic dinner, at the end of the evening, and with the help of the kitchen and the staff, you can order a nice piece of cake or a dessert to the table… containing a little surprise inside. It may be a slightly cinematic scene, but who says it can’t work? The old films are always the most romantic! In the beautiful setting of La Torre Restaurant 22 you can find a quiet corner and enjoy your special moment to the fullest!

A serenade

Looking for a way to ask the big question you will never forget? You could stand beneath the window and dedicate a serenade to the person you love! You can do it your way or with the help of a professional, musician or singer, who can help you express your emotions in the best way possible. An even more original proposal would be… to write a song for the occasion, or change the words of your favourite song and pop the question while singing! Of course, the assistance of a professional might be a little expensive, but the magical effect will definitely be worth it!


A spectacular and undoubtedly creative method to ask someone for their hand is to get together a few mutual friends and create a fun scene, perhaps a ballet, to create a moment of love that will never be forgotten! This has been one of the most popular methods in recent years, both in terms of the show-type factor and the guaranteed surprise element. Then, as they are friends, you won’t be alone in your adventure and you can create something special together, which recalls the most beautiful times you’ve spent together until the moment you kneel to ask the question.

At Juliet’s house

How best to propose in a way that remains engraved in time? If you are travelling to Verona, a trip to Juliet’s House is a must! And what better place to talk about eternal love than where the most romantic love story of all times was lived? Romeo and Juliet, in fact, really were from Verona! Many people, with a touch of cynicism, often point out that the story narrated by Shakespeare does not exactly have a happy ending: it must, however, be remembered that this is not what’s important. The only thing that has remained immortal of the work is the eternal love of the protagonists, and that’s the only thing that matters.

Escape Room

Among the ideas for an original and fun wedding proposal there is certainly that of organising something with an Escape Room. These games are often very interesting and an opportunity for an exciting adventure. By agreeing in advance with the organisers, you can make sure that the final treasure is… the ring that you yourself propose with! Cool, eh?

Relax in a Spa

What’s better than a relaxing journey, which allows you to experience moments of pure intimacy and well-being? With Hotel Veronesi La Torre you can choose a reserved evening access to the Wellness centre, and booking a romantic cocktail for two or a massage in the heart of the wellness area, a beautiful and very atmospheric place, which will put you in the perfect mood. In the elegance of an ancient building you will undoubtedly find the right time to propose!

Treasure hunt

You can start as a game with a little treasure hunt, which leads your soul mate to search for an elusive treasure … without immediately revealing that it is in fact your declaration of love! A good choice can be to organise things at home, and recreate the stages, making sure that the other person has to look for the most important points for your daily life (for example: “Look in the cup I gave you for Christmas” or “The next clue is in the sweater we bought together”). It will surely be a little fun event with a huge emotional finish!

An episode of your story

By using your video knowledge, or by asking someone you trust, you can create a montage of the highlights of your story, perhaps with your song in the background… and ask the question at the end. Or, better yet, have it written in place of the credits. An original way of proposing yourself? Pretend you want to see some episodes of your favourite series together, get comfortable on the sofa and… start your video.

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