Together for our future

Every drop counts

Through green initiatives, Hotel Veronesi La Torre is committed to making a contribution to the sustainability of our planet

Attention to sustainability has become an essential element for every action of our daily life. In recent years, raising awareness of the subject has become a matter of primary importance. Every occasion is the right one to fight waste and to promote virtuous attitudes towards the environment. Find out how Hotel Veronesi La Torre can help you organise your eco-friendly holiday in Verona in one of our design rooms and learn about the various “green” events and meetings.


Plastic bottles? No thanks.

With a view to increasingly becoming a sustainable hotel, we have installed water dispensers that supply filtered, fresh, room temperature or sparkling water directly from the water supply. You can find them in the communal areas of the hotel and you can quench your thirst for free and as often as you like! If you have forgotten your bottle at home, don't worry: you can purchase one from us for a small symbolic price.

Water dispensers

of filtered fresh water - for free


Every year

Plastic bottles saved

Eco Water Bottle

also available for meetings

Zero impact solutions: the paperless service

The paper directories in the room have been digitized

We use digital online gift vouchers and gift cards instead of paper tickets

We use QR codes to replace our menus in the bar and restaurant

Access to the doors of the Spa and meeting rooms is guaranteed through a keyless system.

We are doing our bit for the environment:

Elimination of single-use plastics

In every room and in the communal areas of an eco-sustainable hotel, the use of plastic should be limited. We at Hotel Veronesi La Torre have replaced the latest plastic single units of soaps with the exclusive courtesy line by Falconeri. In addition, we periodically promote actions in collaboration with other partners, such as the pouch bag made with recycled fabrics that replaces the disposable plastic vanity sets.

We are committed every day with you and with nature to perform small but significant changes and to offer you a unique experience at an eco-friendly hotel in Verona.


icona electric car cuore



E-Charging station

Fill up with energy!

Park and charge your electric car: 2 covered garages with 6 e-charging stations and 2 reserved stations exclusive for Porsche.


This is our Forest

We planted a forest of 200 trees in Madagascar with the aim of absorbing 23,950 kg of CO2, encouraging biodiversity and bringing benefits to the local farmers. Our environmental commitment, tree after tree, is to make our planet greener.

With Treedom we have joined an important initiative that promotes the virtuous interaction between different species and a sustainable use of resources and land.

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