10 essential cycle paths and routes in Verona

10 essential cycle paths and routes in Verona

10 historical and naturalistic routes in Verona and through the surrounding area suitable for bike enthusiasts! Discover all the information and cycle paths!

The Verona area is rich in cultural, historical and naturalistic beauty. If you are passionate about cycling and want to explore the magnificent city of Verona and its surroundings on two wheels, here are 10 essential cycle routes.

Lago di Garda | Gite in bicicletta

Route 1: Chievo – Quinzano

Starting from Chievo and following the Bussolengo-Chievo-Verona cycle path, pass the dam bridge and continue to Quinzano. The route is 4km long with a maximum gradient of 8%. At the start point, stop and visit the Chievo district, known above all for its football team. The neighbourhood is practically a small town, whose centrepiece is the church square. Stroll through its streets and through the park of Villa Pullè, an 18th century villa, considered one of the jewels of the area. Also noteworthy are the Austrian fort of 1800 and the Chievo dam, built between 1920 and 1923. Once in Quinzano, instead, you can take a tour of the neighbourhood, which is also very interesting. It is located on the north-western hills of the city, not far from Valpolicella. Of particular interest are the bell tower of the parish and that of San Rocco, which house complexes of six bells.

Route 2: San Zeno – Chievo

This short route allows you to see some of the most unusual places in the city and to admire the landscape along the Adige river. Starting from the San Zeno district, which we recommend you visit before you start on the route, you take a short cycle path that is largely unpaved but which is easy to follow along the river.


Route 3: Verona – Valeggio sul Mincio

Starting from Verona, continue along via Claudia Augusta until you reach Sommacampagna. From here you can decide to continue up to Ostiglia or take cycle roads through the middle of the countryside (all marked as cycle paths) and arrive near Lake Garda. From there you can enter the Mincio cycle path, which goes from Peschiera to Mantua, then following the sign for Mantua to reach Valeggio sul Mincio. Once there you should visit both Valeggio and Borghetto sul Mincio, two enchanting villages rich in history and culture.

Route 4: Verona – Vicenza

Roughly 83km long, this route includes part of the Via Postumia and takes around 3 hours. Along this path you will find yourself immersed in nature and you will have the opportunity to visit Vicenza, a city just waiting to be discovered. Starting from the centre of Verona, head south until you reach Soave, the village known for its white wine. Take a break to visit one of the wineries in the area and the Scaligero castle and then continue until you reach the slopes of the Lessini Mountains, already in the Vicenza area. Here you can admire two castles, the Bellaguardia Castle and the Villa Castle, as well as numerous historic villas. Arriving at the top of a hill you can enjoy a spectacular view of Vicenza, known above all for the beautiful buildings designed by Andrea Palladio.

Route 5: Verona – Garda

This route takes roughly 2 and a half hours and is 37km long. Starting from the centre of Verona, continue towards Chievo, cycling along the Adige river. Once you reach Valpolicella you will find yourself in a place full of picturesque views and landscapes, close to its famous vineyards. Here you can pass through Pastrengo and continue towards Calmasino, taking the Adige cycle path. Arriving at the Rocca del Garda you can enjoy a wonderful panorama. The town of Garda is nestled between the Rocca and Punta San Vigilio. Take a refreshing dip in the lake and stroll through the streets of this picturesque village, framed by rolling hills.

Route 6: Peschiera del Garda – Verona

Starting from Peschiera, continue north, crossing various channels of the Mincio river. The initial stretch will run along Lake Garda until reaching Pacengo, where, turning right onto via Belvedere, you will enter the countryside, along less busy roads. Following the main road, take the SP 27a, reaching the houses of Sandrà. At this point the road will follow a V-shaped bend to circumvent a small hill. After Barbarago, leaving the town, turn left and then right, passing under the motorway.

Route 7: From Verona to the Lessini Mountains (Lausen refuge)

Starting from Piazza Bra, leave the walls of Verona and take the cycle path that will take you towards the mountains. Continue towards Montorio, then Mizzole and take Via Squaranto.

From here you will find yourself on a straight road, in the middle of the woods and vineyards, with a slight uphill inclination.

When you are approximately 18km from Verona, take the uphill bend you will see on your right. From here on, the entire route will be uphill, with a gradient of 7-8%. At the top of the hill, take the state road to San Rocco, a pretty village overlooking the mountains. The slope will begin to increase again when you arrive near Velo Veronese: this part is very difficult for which you will have to push hard with your legs.

After Velo Veronese you will be faced with a climb with a gradient of up to 20% to reach the Lausen refuge, so if it is too much exertion, simply get off and push your bike to the top. Once you arrive at the refuge you will be rewarded for all your hard work: to welcome you there will be a breathtaking view, fresh air and far-reaching meadows. This is the ideal place for anyone who loves nature, including families with children.

Route 8: Verona – Valpantena

This route is around 20km long. Starting from the Santa Croce district, north-east of Verona, exit the city towards San Felice Extra, then following the main road. Once in Santa Maria in Stelle visit the pantheon, a building from the Roman era. Then continue towards Sezano following the road, which will become a dirt road. Take the underpass and you will find yourself on the other side of the provincial road, until you reach an intersection. Here, first turn right and then immediately left onto a slightly sloping road. Keep pedalling and you will find yourself on a panoramic road that will take you to Quinto and Poiano. When you reach the roundabout, follow the directions for San Felice Extra and you will find yourself at the starting point.


Route 9: Verona – Valpolicella

Starting from Largo Stazione Vecchia in Parona, a district just outside Verona, take via del Monastero. Continue along the road until you reach Arbizzano, after which continue towards Santa Maria. Pass Pedemonte staying on the roads parallel to the provincial road to avoid traffic. Enter the provincial road in the direction of San Floriano, where you can pedal on the cycle path. In San Floriano, take a short break and visit the ancient church. Find more information on what to see in Valpolicella in our article. Once you have resumed pedalling, head again towards Pedemonte, this time deviating towards Cengia and then Corrubbio. After travelling along a dirt road towards Quar, turn right and you will find yourself on a road leading to Parona.

Route 10: Between Valpolicella and Lessinia

Starting from Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella, continue towards Fumane for about 7km. Here begins the most strenuous climb of the entire route. Having reached Breonio continue towards Fosse, a hamlet of Sant’Anna d’Alfaedo. From here you can decide whether to go as far as Sant’Anna d’Alfaedo or whether to return to Fumane, passing through Molina and Gorgusello. If you want to take a break before leaving, don’t miss the Ponte di Veja, a natural rocky arch. For further information on what to see in this area, read our article.

After your break, get back in the saddle and tackle the descent from Fosse to Fumane, approximately 18.5km long: you will find yourself pedalling alongside rock walls and through woods through a spectacular landscape.

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