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16 April 2021

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Le Torricelle

Le Torricelle di Verona: the best places to see the city

The view of Verona from Le Torricelle is one of the most evocative ones, the beauty will leave you breathless! Find out how to visit them!

Le Torricelle (The towers of Verona) are one of the most evocative places in the city, both for tourists and locals. If you are looking for the best point from which to enjoy the view of the city from above, or a place in the middle of nature not far from the city center, the Torricelle is the right place for you.

History of the Torricelle of Verona

The torricelle, in the Veronese dialect “toresele”, are the hills that extend north of the city of Verona. There you will find the city walls built in the Scala era and numerous military buildings built during the era of Austrian domination.
The name “torricelle” derives from the four Maximilian towers built for the defense of the city between 1837 and 1843 by Franz von Scholl. They are four towers, easily recognizable due to their cylindrical and slightly flattened shape. The Maximilian name derives from the Archduke Maximilian of Austria who had designed them and had 32 similar ones built in Linz, Austria. Maximilian towers are built on three floors, under which there was a cistern for water collection. On the lower floor there are the loopholes for the close defense, while to access the upper floors it was necessary to climb a double spiral staircase. The first floor was used to house the artillery pieces, the second for the beard pieces.
These towers were not real forts, but served as protected batteries, whose artillery had to hit the Valle di Avesa, Valpantena and Valdonega.


Nature trails

From these green hills that embrace the city you can admire Verona from above and enjoy a breathtaking view. There are many places that can be reached by car, but also on foot.


If you want to take a walk in the nature, without straying too far from the historic center, the turrets are the right place for you. Starting from Ponte Pietra you can reach the funicular or walk up to Castel San Pietro. We recommend the ascent on foot because, even if more tiring, it allows you to stop and take pictures and admire the view from the panoramic terraces. Once at the top you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the whole city. Turning to the right of the Castle you will notice a dirt road that leads towards the hills. Follow it and you will find yourself in the middle of nature in a few minutes. If you keep walking along the walls you will find yourself in a very busy park when the weather is good. If you continue walking for another twenty minutes you will find yourself at Don Calabria, from whose terrace you can once again admire the beauty of the city from above.
If, on the other hand, you prefer a large green space in which to sunbathe, bring your four-legged friend or, why not, go for a run, go to the Colombare Park.
You can get there in two ways: if you are already in Castel San Pietro, you can exit and turn left, going down the hairpin bends, or from the center you can start from Ponte Pietra and walk for about 15 minutes.
This historic park in the city of Verona has been redesigned to make it accessible to citizens and tourists and is a wonderful place to spend some time amid nature.

Bars and restaurants

If you don’t feel like walking, but still want to enjoy an aperitif or dinner in the nature and with a view of the city, there are many places that can be reached by car.

The first one that we recommend is the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Lourdes, which is also visible from the center of Verona. It is an important meeting place for pilgrims or for those who want to admire the city from above. Here there is also a bar with restaurant service, where you can enjoy an excellent aperitif with a view.

Another place very popular with locals is the Tennis Club which, in addition to the tennis courts, offers a restaurant open for both lunch and dinner, with the possibility of enjoying your drink on a panoramic terrace overlooking the city. Here you will also find a bar, surrounded by greenery and with terraces on several levels equipped with sofas, hammocks and deck chairs to enjoy the good weather. If you don’t want to play tennis but you still want to spend an afternoon dedicated to sport, here you will also find two beach volleyball courts and a fitness area!

If you prefer a good pizza, Corte San Mattia is perfect for you. With a panoramic terrace overlooking Verona, this farmhouse also offers a lounge bar, where you can sip an aperitif at sunset before heading to the restaurant to savor one of their specialties, be it a pizza, a first or second course.

Massage Center Hotel Veronesi La Torre

After a day spent amid nature, you will surely want to relax. The Massage Center of the Hotel Veronesi La Torre offers individual and couple massages, wellness programs to regenerate the body and mind.

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