Virtual tours and immersive reality: technology at the service of tourism in Verona

Virtual tours and immersive reality

Technology at the service of tourism in Verona


Following the Covid-19 emergency breakout, technology is supporting the tourism and art industry, virtually bringing the artistic and cultural beauties of our country to the houses of all citizens.

The virtual tour is an excellent way to discover the territory, while we are waiting to enjoy the inestimable artistic heritage of our beautiful country, in real life.

Here are some alternative ways to experience Verona through an innovative experiential activity.


Virtual tours in the museums of Verona


The Covid-19 emergency has forced the closure of museums all over Italy, but the pandemic is not stopping art! The Musei Civici in Verona participate to the awareness campaign # iorestoacasa , launching the hashtag # MuseoAgile .

The Museums of Verona and the collectors, joined forces to create a mini video virtual tour and made it accessible through social channels and institutional websites.

An unmissable opportunity to travel through history and art while staying at home.

The first two museums that joined the initiative were the Castelvecchio Museum and the Natural History Museum. By sharing multimedia content and video pills called “Visti da vicino, visti sul web”, viewers can virtually enjoy the collections through guided tours led by Francesca Rossi, director of the Civic Museums of Verona and Leonardo Latella, head of the Zoology department of the Natural History Museum.

All the initiatives are available on the official website of the Civic Museums of Verona ( ) and the social channels:





Virtual initiatives at Palazzo Maffei

The museum-house was opened to the public in 2020 and it offers numerous initiatives through its Facebook ( @ palazzomaffei ) and Instagram ( @ palazzomaffeiverona ) pages. Some events are dedicated to Mario Schifano, Umberto Boccioni, Giacomo Balla, Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso, René Magritte, Marcel Duchamp, Renato Guttuso and Emilio Vedova, Leandro Erlich .

Don’t miss #caffèapalazzo: videos featuring in-depth analysis of the various works.

A new way of promoting tourism through the digital world, making art democratically available to everyone.



Tourism in Verona turns digital

“Virtual Online Experiences” is an interesting initiative from Veronality, a tour operator based in Verona that is creating live streaming experiences totally engaging!

From the Cooking Class where you will learn some of the most traditional Italian recipes such as fresh pasta, risotto, tiramisu; to city and museum itineraries. Veronality offers real immersive experiences for small groups of participants.

Not to be missed is the Amarone Virtual wine tour: a journey into the heart of the Valpolicella region to learn everything about this famous wine (tour lasts 1 hour, 19 € per person).

This and many other activities are available on

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