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18 August 2021

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How to organise a perfect wedding down to the last detail

How to organise a perfect wedding down to the last detail

Find out how to organise a perfect wedding thanks to the advice of our wedding planner! Ready to discover all the secrets of a dream wedding?

The dream of many people is to experience a fairytale wedding: a day dedicated to love and beauty, where the union between two souls can best be celebrated. Whether it’s a private ceremony for a few close friends or a big party, the important thing is to get to the end of the day feeling happy and satisfied, with a series of precious memories that will last a long time. But how do you organise a perfect wedding? The most important thing is, first and foremost, to have clear ideas and a clear mind, to be able to let yourself fully enjoy the event without any worries. Want to find out more? Here are the recommendations of our wedding planners on how to organise a wedding, and a few little tips to make your wedding the best day of your life… and a pleasant memory for your guests!

10 tips on how to organise the wedding of your dreams

Watch the times!

During the preparation of a wedding, many people leave it to the last minute, and are forced to neglect small details that can be fundamental for the success of the ceremony. Haste is never a good advisor, especially in these cases! Define all the tasks that need doing. Start immediately and set yourself a date, even if only an approximate one, and give yourself a year to be able to do everything in the best way possible. The first things to do? Undoubtedly the more complex ones. Starting from those, and gradually reducing the priorities, can be an excellent starting point. The guest list and the search for the right location will take time: there are those who start even a year in advance to find the perfect place. Searching for a dress, for example, can take months. The same goes for the search for suitable catering and the choice of the menu. Remember: it is always better to anticipate than to rush at the last minute!

Define a budget

How do you organise a perfect wedding? Timing is essential, but it is better to define a budget right from the start. It is not important to spend a lot of money, but to know how to manage what you have well and to budget accordingly. Give yourself a list of priorities and start from that: start choosing how much money you want to spend on each single item and, above all, always leave a small amount aside for the unexpected. Choose the list of priorities together, because even these small details will strengthen your union!

Define a mood

You have scheduling to follow, you have the money, but… what will the mood of your wedding be? The mood is none other than the fil rouge of your union, the constant, the element that binds everything together. There are those who prefer to keep to the classic, those who want a wedding based on bright colours and those who want a wedding surrounded by greenery. There are also those who want a themed wedding, often focused on something the couple is passionate about. Again, a shared choice is essential. Even if you have different styles, you can surely find common ground to give your wedding the coherence and elegance it deserves.


Choosing the perfect place for a wedding is never an easy task, so it’s good to have clear ideas right from the outset. Start by making a selection of the available locations according to your budget. Once that is defined, obviously make sure of its geographical position. It must be a place close to that of the ceremony. Ideally it should not be more than thirty minutes away from the place of the ceremony, whether it is a chapel or an office for a civil ceremony. Once you have found the nearest places, start choosing based on the capacity. A guest list, even if only an approximate one, will help you in this delicate choice. There must be room for everyone! Once you have defined the suitable location, you can also begin to think about how to organise the wedding tables. Hotel Veronesi La Torre offers many large and spacious rooms and a complete service of every detail, including internal catering.

Matrimoni Ottanio

The dress and make-up

It is a common belief that choosing a formal dress is a very difficult and time-consuming undertaking for a woman… but men have their work cut out too! The initial choice of a shared mood can also help you in the choice of clothes. You could also decide on an element that the clothes have in common, without necessarily having to see them before the ceremony. Choosing a make-up artist is equally delicate and important. Relying on the advice of friends can be a good first step, but always be sure to search online for the previous work of the person to whom you want to entrust your makeup. If their style isn’t your thing, look for more! The important thing is the confidence: look for a person who can satisfy your tastes, but at the same time trust them when they recommend something different. Make-up artists study precisely to enhance your beauty! This is not only true for brides: often you don’t think about it, but the groom may also need a little makeup to add a splash of colour and to look good in the photos. A step not to be underestimated!

The menu

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The menu is perhaps one of the most intricate and complex points in organising a wedding. You may have found a location with an on-site kitchen or have decided to use an external catering company, but in both cases there is only one priority: quality and variety. Choose a menu that can meet everyone’s needs, ensuring it is varied enough to please your guests. It is always better to choose something suitable for the season and that is not too sophisticated, to make sure everyone is satisfied. Always be sure to report any allergies or special needs of any of the guests! Choosing Hotel Veronesi La Torre as a location for your wedding also means having the catering service available. The La Torre restaurant 22 specialises in a quality service and is always in step with the times, ready to satisfy your every wish.

The photos

You will often want to leaf through your wedding album: for this reason, choosing a quality photographer is a very important choice! Use the person who best reflects your style. In this case also, it is always advisable to use professionals whose previous work you can see, to understand who can best capture your wedding day.

Music and entertainment

A wedding is not only about good food, but also an opportunity to celebrate your love with friends and family. The reception is important, as is the rest of the day! The right piped music can entertain without covering the voices of a conversation to accompany the courses of food, but it is after that you can really go wild! Here it’s up to you: you could hire a DJ or even a live band. Again, use someone who reflects and respects your tastes!

Small details for guests

It seems obvious, but there are many small things that can make your day unique and special: putting your guests at ease is one of the most important ones! Communicate the date of the wedding at least three months in advance, so that everyone can organise themselves. Make sure that the bride and groom’s table can be seen by everyone and be sure to walk around the tables to greet everyone. If your guests also include families with children, hire an entertainment service to entertain the children! Our facility offers large rooms and every kind of service to make the wedding reception a perfect event in every detail, but not only this. Our luxurious and equipped rooms will be ready to welcome your guests who come from afar!

The wedding sweets

Once the ceremony is over, what can you give your guests? A cadeau du mariage  is always a welcome gift. Choose something that represents you and that always reminds people of you. Some people decide to use artisans to create something unique, even if it means spending a little more. “Solidarity Favours” have now also become popular: donate the sum destined for sweets to charity, and give your guests a small certificate on the cause you have decided to support. If, instead, you want to impress your guests, you can offer them a spa experience at our hotel, to give your wedding that unique and unforgettable touch. After an amazing ceremony, relaxing and rejuvenating in a wellness centre can be the icing on the cake. The wellness centre of Hotel Veronesi La Torre has a salt water swimming pool, a hydromassage and chromotherapy corner, a steam bath and Finnish sauna, an aromatic shower and much more besides. A gift that will make your special day an experience for everyone to remember!

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